Frequently Asked Questions

Can i request a photographer?

Yes, if you have a specific photographer from our team you would like to request, please let you planner or photography wedding coordinator know as soon as possible. We suggest utilizing our “Perfect Match tool” to help you select the best photographer for you. We will do our best to accommodate requests, but they are not guaranteed. If your requested photographer is not available, we will work with you to find another photographer who will fit your preferences.

How much time will i need for photography on my wedding day?

It all depends on how much of your day you want captured. Smaller groups and wedding parties may need less time while large wedding parties and groups will need extra time. Here is a breakdown of how much time each part of your wedding day may take:

Getting Ready - 30-90 minutes

We can capture in room photos of the couple individually or together as you prepare for your special day. We can be there with you from the very beginning if you want the entire process captured or come in when you are almost ready if you want just a few moments captured before your Fairy Tale begins.

Pre-Ceremony - 45minutes-2 hours

From first looks with parents or your future spouse to wedding party and family photos, timing here depends on how big your party will be. A shot list of all the groupings you would like helps make sure nothing is missed on the day.

Ceremony and Post Ceremony - 60-90 minutes

Ceremonies usually last 30 minutes. This leaves 30 - 60 minutes for photos of the couple and more family photos, or all the family photos if you do not opt for pre-ceremony photos.

Reception - 1-3+ hours

From your grand entrance to the last dance we can be there for part of your reception or party with you all night long. If you only want photography coverage for part of the reception, some moments may need to be staged at the beginning of the reception in order to make sure we capture what you want most.

Dessert Party - 1 hour

Dessert parties and firework coverage is usually 1 hour long. This gives us plenty of time to capture the event and the couple as you end your event with a bang.

Travel Time - 15-30 minutes in between each section of the day you want covered

Our photographers need travel time in between each part of the day you want covered to move from location to location. Whether we are moving from your room to the lobby, or resort to resort, the travel time can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes each time.

I want to add a portrait session, but do not have time to schedule it directly before or after the wedding. Can i come back at a later date for my portrait session?

Portrait sessions can be added to the BEO and can be scheduled up to a year after the wedding date. If you need to schedule your portrait session after the wedding date, but don’t know exactly when, we will mark the date as TBD and you will need to contact us to schedule the session in the future. Any pre-paid portrait session not scheduled by the 1-year anniversary of the wedding date will be forfeited and no refund will be provided.

What happens after the wedding?

Once we have captured your happily ever after, our team will get to work on processing your images. Approximately 4-6 weeks after the event, you will receive an email with access to your online gallery. You can share the gallery with friends and family as well as download the images directly to your computer. If your package includes a USB, it will automatically be shipped to the address we have on file after your website is activated. If you pre-purchased any of our product offerings, you will receive emails 8 weeks after the event with order forms and instructions for the items your ordered. If you didn’t pre-purchase any items and wish to do so after the event, the link to our a la carte forms page will be included in the email with your access to your inline gallery.

How long do you keep my images?

We will have your images for 3 years from your event date. After that they will be purged from our system. If your package does not include a USB, you will want to be sure to download your images and have a copy kept in a safe place.

How long do i have to order products?

If you pre-purchased any product, you will need to order those items before the 2-year anniversary of your event. Any orders for pre-purchased items placed after the 2-year anniversary of the event will be subject to a late fee. Any late orders, or a la carte order may be placed up until the 3-year anniversary of the event.

Where will you pick me up for my portrait session?

Please check your confirmation email for pick up location and time.

Can i bring an extra person with me on my portrait session?

No, our premier portrait sessions are reserved for the couple only. Our vehicles are not equipped to carry extra people or children.

Can i bring a change of attire on my portrait session?

Yes, however changing outfits will take away from your photography time. Extra time is not added on while you change clothes.

How many locations can we go to during our portrait session?

We can generally go to 2-3 different locations during a portrait session. Locations in any of our theme parks are never guaranteed and are subject to Park Operations. We may not know in advance if a location will be unavailable on any particular morning.

Can i go on a ride to get photographs taken?

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, and Mad Tea Party may be available for us to photograph while you are on the attraction depending on Park Operations at Magic Kingdom on the day of your session. It is not guaranteed for us to be allowed on the attraction for photographs. If we are unable to get on the attraction, we may be able to photograph in front of the attraction depending on Park Operations. We are unable to get on any attractions at any of our other theme parks.

Do you provide props or balloons for the session?

If you are interested in having balloons, those will need to be prepurchased and brought with you the morning of your session. There are safety limitations to the quantity of balloons that can be transported in our vehicle. Please check with your Photography Coordinator for specifics. Balloons are not permitted in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge due to animal safety. You may bring small props of your own to the session. We recommend only bringing a few, so that your Photographer will have ample time to create photos unique to you.

It's supposed to rain the day of my portrait session, can i reschedule?

In the event of inclement weather, your portrait session may be rescheduled. We may not make the call to reschedule until the morning of the portrait session. Often times Florida rain comes later in the day and we may be okay for early morning sessions. Walt Disney World property covers a 42 square mile area, just because it is raining at Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park doesn’t mean it will be raining at Magic Kingdom Park. Depending on the location of your portrait session, we may be clear of rain.

I couldn't have my pet at my wedding, can i photos taken with my pet after the wedding?

Yes, by adding a Resort Portrait Session to your photography package we can capture special moments of the couple with their pet at any of our pet friendly resorts. All resort rules relating to your pet must be followed, including dogs must be well-behaved, leashed in public areas, and properly vaccinated.

Can pet portrait sessions take place in a theme park?

No, pets are not permitted in theme parks, water parks or common areas such as restaurants, pools and recreational spaces.

Can we go anywhere around the pet friendly resort?

No, we will need to stay within the designated dog-friendly areas of the resort. Dogs are not permitted in common areas such as restaurants, pools, and recreational spaces.

Can i bring any other pets?

At this time, dogs are the only pets allowed, with a maximum of 2 permitted per Guest room. Dogs must be well-behaved, leashed in public areas and properly vaccinated. For more information about pet friendly accommodations visit:

If our dog is borded at best friend's pet hotel and we are staying at a non pet friendly resort, will you pick us and our dog up and transport us to a pet friendly resort for a portrait session?

No, we do not transport pets. You will need to make accommodations to transport your pet for the Portrait Session.

What happens if my pet needs to relieve itself during the portrait session?

Guests are responsible for the proper care, behavior, and waste maintenance of their dog throughout the resort. Please make sure you bring everything you may need for your pet with you during the session. Extra time will not be added on to the session.

I am excited to celebrate a special day with my family and friends at the Walt Disney World Resort. Can we book a photography session?

Yes! Disney PhotoPass Service offers personalized 20-minute Capture Your Moment sessions at all four Walt Disney World Resort theme parks to capture the fun and excitement of your special celebration - whether it be an engagement, honeymoon, family reunion or more. Learn more about Capture Your Moment here