Digital Montage Album

The Digital Montage album features a leather cover available in a variety of colors.

The inside is designed using a modern contemporary style with back- ground colors to compliment the details in your wedding or event. Added filigrees, border accents, and background patterns give this album the Disney touch.

This album is available in the following sizes:

10”x14” with 50 images

10”x14” with 65 images

10”x14” with 80 images

10”x14” with 100 images

This album is designed by our artists. When choosing this album, the design elements including background colors, patterns, page accents, photo layout, and cropping are determined by the artist.

You will receive a proof of the design before the album is printed. Any changes you request to have made may result in re-design fees.

Click on the image above for full album flip through