Capturing the portrait you want.

We’ve captured the portraits of millions of friends and families and along the way we’ve discovered a few tips that will help your photographs come out like a dream come true; just as important, we want the experience of your session to be as lovely as the portraits you take home.

What to Wear

When you hang your Disney portrait on the wall, it will be the faces of your loved ones that you want to see. Here are some guidelines to make sure that it’s the faces - not the outfits - that are noticed.

  • Decide as a group if you want to dress formally or informally; mixing these two styles will detract from your overall image.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows your family to enjoy the experience.
  • Slacks or pants, rather than shorts, work well for both men and women because it places the focus on the faces.
  • Most people photograph best in soft pastels, muted solid colors or medium tones of tan or burgundy.
  • Wearing the same color tones among your family keeps the focus on the faces.

What to Avoid

  • Avoid t-shirts, flip-flops, brightly colored shoes, shiny fabrics or overly ornate clothing.
  • Avoid bright colors, bold stripes, plaids, checks, and loud patterns - they distract from the faces.
  • Try not to do anything new to your hair right before your portrait.

Popular Portrait Ideas

  • Denim or Khaki for a casual Mini Photo or Enhanced Portrait is very popular.
  • Try dressing all the males in Khaki pants and white button-down shirts and the females in long, white, summer dresses. This look works well for barefoot poses and/or sitting on the ground.

Tips for Young Children

Nothing is sweeter than the smile of your child; we know how special a portrait of your little one will be years from now. Here are some of our best secrets to making this a special memory.

  • Clothing, keep it simple:
    • The more casual the better, because your child will feel more comfortable.
    • Solid colors in creams and light pastels work best for young children.
    • Avoid busy patterns, images or logos on clothing; it’s your little one’s face you want to remember.
  • Your child’s appointment:
    • Schedule your appointments around the time of day when your child is happiest.
    • Sometimes the excitement of Walt Disney World can be overwhelming; if your child isn’t having a good day, try to reschedule your appointment.
  • Capturing that smile:
    • Try not to “coach” your child before getting his or her picture taken. Sometimes that only makes them nervous.
    • Relax and let us do the work for you; enjoy the session while our photographer draws out that sweet smile.
    • Some of the best portraits are captured by allowing your child to play while our photographer captures natural moments – these portraits often best reflect your child’s personality.