Keepsake Boxes

Our Wood Keepsake Boxes allow you to create a custom box to hold your cherished memories.

Our boxes come in three sizes:

  • USB
  • 5”x7”
  • 6”x8”

The 5”x7” box can hold 4”x6” prints, the 6”x8” box can hold 5”x7” prints.

The USB, 5”x7”, and 6”x8” boxes come with either an image of your choice or an engraved logo on the lid.

If you choose the logo option, the lid will have the appropriate Disney logo* based on the type of session you had.

*The logo for your album is based on the type of session you have booked with Disney Fine Art Photography & Video. There is not an option for changing the cover logo. The Disney Fine Art Photography & Video logo is for all portraits booked outside of a Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding. The Wedding logo is reserved for those having a Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding package.